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Our Partners

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This project is a partnership between a Scottish Charity (RZSS -The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland), a Brazilian NGO (IPE- Institute for Ecological Research), and a private cattle ranch Baía das Pedras. The project depends entirely on Conservation grants from our partners.

Institutional Support

  • Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Pangolin, Aardvark and Xenarthran Taxon Advisory Group (PAX TAG)
  • Hotel Fazenda Baía das Pedras, Pantanal, Brazil
  • Instituto de Conservação de Animais Silvestres (ICAS), Brazil
  • Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (IPE), Brazil
  • IUCN/SSC Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG), USA
  • Parque das Aves, Brazil
  • Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, U.K
  • Zoológico de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Zoológico de Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Zoo Conservation Outreach Group (ZCOG), USA

Financial | In-Kind Support

  • Association Beauval Nature pour la Conservation et la Recherche (France)
  • Association Française des Parcs Zoologiques – AfdPZ (France)
  • l´Association Jean-Marc Vichard pour la Conservation (France)
  • Audubon Zoo (USA)—ZCOG Partner
  • AZA Conservation Grant Funds (USA)
  • Bergen County Zoo (USA)
  • Brevard Zoo (USA)
  • Cerza Zoo (France)
  • Chattanooga Zoo (USA) - ZCOG partner
  • Chester zoo (UK)
  • Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Scott Neotropical Fund (USA)
  • Columbus Zoo (USA)
  • Conservation des Espèces et des Populations Animales (CEPA) (France)
  • Disney Conservation Fund (DCF)(USA)
  • Fresno Chaffee Zoo Wildlife Conservation Fund (USA)
  • Frank Buck Zoo, (USA) 
  • Greenville Zoo, (USA)- ZCOG partner
  • Hattiesburg Zoo (USA)
  • Houston Zoo, (USA)
  • Idea Wild (USA)
  • Jacksonville Zoo (USA) - ZCOG partner,
  • Louisville Zoo AAZK Chapter
  • Oklahoma City Zoo (USA)
  • Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo (USA)
  • Minnesota Zoo (USA) 
  • Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens (USA) - ZCOG partner
  • Nashville Zoo (USA)
  • Natural Research (MMA) (UK)
  • National Geographic (USA)
  • Papoose Conservation Wildlife Foundation (USA)
  • Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium (USA)
  • Phoenix Zoo, (USA)
  • Prince Bernhard fund for Nature (Holland)
  • Quagga (Holland)
  • Reid Park Zoo teen volunteers (USA)
  • Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens (USA)
  • Sacramento Zoo (USA)
  • Salisbury Zoo-Chesapeake AAZK (USA) - ZCOG partner
  • San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium (USA)- ZCOG partner
  • Sea World Busch Gardens (USA)
  • Tapeats (USA)
  • Taronga Zoo (Australia)
  • Taiwan Forestry Bureau (Taiwan)
  • Tucson AAZK Chapter
  • Whitley Fund for Nature (UK)
  • Worclaw Zoo (Poland)

Private Donations

  • George Rabb
  • Alexander Balkanski.
  • Elias Sadalla
  • Doug and Sheila Grow
  • Jason Woolgar
  • Don Kendell
  • Tracy Boerner
  • Teresa Bracher